YCFM goes to the next stage

with Customers and Partners !

YCFM provides satisfactory services as a raw material specialsit.

Silica sand supports industries and enrich ours lives. YCFM can respond to a broad range of customer needs and contribute to our society.

YCF Materials Co., Ltd. (YCFM) succeeded Silica & Clay business of Mitsubishi Shoji Construction Materials Corporation in July 2023, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation (MC). YCFM's silica sand business was originally started by MC KOHSAN Co, Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of MC, established in 1983, and YCFM has been stably providing imported silica sand such as Flattery silica sand of the world's largest silica sand mines under the fully managed logistcs system. We also provide industrial raw materials such as sodium silicate cullet and various casting materials, and always aim to develop new markets further. YCFM intends to support industrial foundations and contribute to development of industry by meeting customer needs.